The Spirits of Eden

Does a book of images really need an introduction in prose? A contentious question – difficult to answer unequivocally. I have noticed with my photography that once I have put the finishing touches to an image (either a print or on electronic media), it slips out of my grasp. In effect, it clamours for and ultimately attains release from my cloying attention. It assumes a different incarnation where it remains in flux between the artist and the viewer. It becomes a reality which is shared between the two.

The artist invests his work with a certain meaning and character which in its entirety is a product of his consciousness. The viewer construes the image in the light of her or his consciousness. Both interpretations of the image can be equally valid. For me, once I have completed the image, I am done with it. Like a great painter once said, “No painting is ever completed, it is just abandoned.” Once “abandoned”, only the opinions of the viewer remain. As the saying goes, “the words are yours, I am done with mine.” To put it a little differently, I offer a framework for my viewers to build their own dreams. Their interpretations and experiences are as valid as mine.

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