Debal Sen Art Work Trust

In the year 2019, a decision was taken to set up a trust, a non-profit organisation, which was to become the recipient of all of Debal Sen’s work on nature and conservation. This output would include all his books in both hard copy and electronic formats, already published as well as forthcoming, his huge collection of limited edition prints of nature and wildlife images, the lectures and presentations done globally, and an operative website, which acts as an interactive forum for all who are interested in his work as well as his ardent supporters. This Trust became operational in January 2020.

The single most important purpose of the Trust is conservation of nature and wildlife. Towards this objective, it aims to make Debal Sen’s work visible and available within India and internationally. The Trust is particularly interested in reaching Sen’s message on conservation to the world, so that people can experience these magical places and begin to understand what they stand to lose. Efforts at conservation can only come with the realisation or understanding of this impending loss.



Debal Sen

Dr. Debal Sen is one of the most prolific photographers of the natural world currently working out of India. Sen who is a doctor by profession (an interventional cardiologist and insentivist) lives in the city of Kolkata. His career in photography started in the year 1964 when his father lent him a Voigtlander 120mm camera. He was then 10 years old and has been a photographer since then, a career longer than his career in medicine. Sen’s abiding passion has always been the natural world and its denizens, and to him, the pursuit of this reality was in actuality a search for the miraculous. He feels fortunate to be in India as it offered him an incredible variety of topographies as well as flora and fauna.

The Himalayas, the Sunderbans mangroves, the forests of central India with their apex predator the royal bengal tiger, the idyllic islands of the Andaman sea and the deserts of Rajasthan offered him an infinite variety of photographic opportunities and he has spent the last 50 years photographing them.

As the years have gone by, he found the many Edens he had once cherished gradually melting away. Deforestation, man animal conflicts and more importantly a people’s disconnection from the natural world have all contributed to the devastation of this national heritage. Sen feels that photographers in their humble efforts at depicting these vanishing Edens are also the greatest conservationists.

Sen’s work has been widely acclaimed both in India and internationally. He has had numerous exhibitions and presentations within India and his photographs appear regularly in the nature and wildlife magazines of India. He has authored art books and has made videos featuring his photographs and writings.

Sen’s philosophical stance towards his creative work is reflected in all his photographs and writings. For him, the natural world is always magical and miraculous, something that man chooses to forget in his anthropocentricity. In his words, “Images are the keys which open the gates to the Other One.”

Sujata Singh Roy

Sujata co-founded Debal Sen Art Work Trust in 2019. Since the inception, she has been instrumental in setting up the operations of the Trust, a non-profit organisation particularly interested in reaching its message on conservation to the world. It endeavours to deliver people an experience of the magical places so that they begin to understand the Eden they stand to lose. Efforts at conservation can only come with the experiential understanding of this impending loss. We do not try to conserve an abstraction. The artwork of this Trust shows the reality of the natural world through Dr. Debal Sen’s vast repertoire of high quality photographic images, books authored by him as well as his presentations and videos.

Passionate about the preservation of the natural world, Sujata coordinates and supervises all the activities of the Trust in alignment with its stated mission and objective. Within a year of its foundation, the Trust published 4 books, both hard covers and e-books, and made 3 videos by Sen. On popular demand, it has also reprinted Sen’s books published prior to the formation of the Trust.

A qualified professional, with a post graduate in Social Communications Media from Sophia Bhabha Polytechnic in Mumbai, Sujata has about 24 years of work experience. Currently, she is working with a with a global professional services firm. Prior to this, she has worked with leading national English dailies in Mumbai and Kolkata.