Sacred Forest

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Man is currently poised in a very precarious situation with the global pandemic which is spreading like wildfire through the world today. This pandemic, however, has given us a unique opportunity to reappraise the damage which we have wreaked on the natural world. Because of the lack of atmospheric pollution, the mighty snow ranges of the Himalayas are now visible from places almost 200 km away. Our ruthless exploitation of nature and its creatures have brought us in proximity to zoonotic (animal-borne diseases) which we should never have been exposed to. It is as if nature is asserting ‘thus far, and no further’.

At this juncture, Dr. Debal Sen’s sixth publication, Sacred Forest, comes at a very appropriate moment. Through this book, he invites us to understand our connectivity with nature, without which we will face our own annihilation.

The book is a narrative of man’s intimate contact with nature, a bonding forged over ten thousand years of history and a million years of prehistory. The introductory story is the teachings of a Shaman to a young boy. Dr. Sen succinctly outlines the essence of the book and the Shaman’s teachings in the following line, “This we know the earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth”.

Despite the exigencies of the current lockdown, Sacred Forest will soon be made available to readers in an e-book version and you can take this epic journey of the Shaman through 235 pages of colour plates and some evocative text presented as prose poetry. The following audiovisual presentation gives a brief overview of the visual aspect of the book and its spiritual content.

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