Dibang Valley – A strange enchanted place

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The Dibang valley in Arunachal Pradesh today remains one of the most pristine edens of India, cloaked in sub-tropical evergreen forests of oak, maple, juniper and pine. It is a land of secret valleys and home to the rare clouded leopard, marbled cat, Mishmi Takin, Gongshan muntjac, asiatic golden cat, red panda and the elusive melanistic leopard. The asiatic wild dog, wild mithun and red goral are also found here.

Dibang is the most sparsely populated district in India. The Idu Mishmi tribe is in overwhelming majority, with the Singhpho and Khampti tribes present in far fewer numbers.

Debal Sen Art Work Trust takes you to the land of the Dibang through Debal’s photographs taken over two and half decades – the primeval forests covering the mountainside, the gale in the clouded forest, the braided course of the Dibang river and the cane bridges atop that lead to the remote tribal settlements.

Today, this sacred enchanted place is one of India’s most threatened paradises. To know more about the imminent destruction of this paradise, you can visit the site links mentioned below:

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